July 14, 2016

MI Supervision and Coaching


MI Personal (Life and Health) Coaching

You’ve got decisions to make and things to accomplish in your own life and you want help to work them out quickly.

  • Phone/Skype MI Personal Coaching (One to One) – £50
  • Face to Face MI Personal Coaching (One to One) – from £100

MI Practitioner Coaching and Supervision

A safe space to discuss MI, learn more about MI and focus on the MI areas you to improve in now. You use MI with clients (or train practitioners to use MI). Getting supervision helps you learn, makes you a better student of MI, and improves your results (homework required!).

  • Phone/Skype MI Coaching (One to One) – £40
  • Face to Face MI Coaching (One to One) – from £100
  • Face to Face MI Supervision (Group) – from £200


We use great coaching and supervision tools to measure proficiency in MI. You’ll see your own progress and be able to show your organisation.

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Motivational Interviewing Individual and Group Supervision and Coaching in London and the UK.