July 23, 2015

MITI Coding

MITI Code submission information.

This involves audio recording a minimum 20-minute session with a client/patient/participant/colleague/peer/friend and gaining their signed consent to do so on a real change goal. You will be assessed using the MITI 4.2 which will determine your proficiency using MI.

Should you pass this, you will be awarded the ‘MI in London Award in Motivational Interviewing‘.

The cost of a MITI coding is currently set at £60, this can be requested at any time, but the MI in London Award in Motivational Interviewing will only be awarded once you have passed your MITI coding and you have received your 10 hours of attendance certificate.

Successful applicants will be encouraged to apply for MINT or signposted to advanced training courses and coaching to suit your level or MI proficiency. Or you can just bask in your awesomeness and continue to craft your MI skills at MI in London.

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