July 22, 2015

What does it cost? – Motivational Interviewing Training


For anyone interested improving their Motivational Interviewing skills in a relaxed learning environment, led by experienced MI Trainers we keep costs as low as possible.


£5 per session (what is a session?) or optionally, you can pre-pay multiple sessions up-front.

We want everyone to be able to attend MI in London regardless of financial status. If you are unable to pay because of financial hardship please inform us via our contact us page before the meeting (give us 24 hours notice or more) and include your name, we will then set your entry to the next session as ‘pre-paid’.


12 consecutive sessions across 12 months is £50 (£20 saving) now £30 for a limited time.

Payment Methods

We accept cash and the following cards: American Express, Maestro, Mastercard and Visa (Debit, Electron and V Pay). What do these costs pay for?

Other Information

If you are claiming this training back through your business or employer receipts are available, please just ask for a receipt when you pay.

Dates for the next meet-up are here