October 1, 2016

Videos – Motivational Interviewing

Videos and other Motivational Interviewing Resources.


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MI in Leadership

Bill Miller discusses the MI in leadership, the absence of domination and the presence of collaboration in brining out the strengths and talents of the people around you.

It’s not about training people to be MI leaders, its not about ‘this is the answers for leaders’ but it may have some useful aspects when leading people.

“Giving away what we’re leaned’

The Righting Reflex

Bill Miller discusses the righting reflex


Steven Rollnick discusses the Guiding Style

Elicit Provide Elicit (EPE)

The videos below show using EPE, remember to critique each video, though they’re good examples not everything is perfect.

The 4 Process of MI

Watch the 4 processes in action


All processes

Caution: Potentially Triggering Content


An Audio of a good example of MI (Opens in new window. Click the play button to start)


Motivational Interviewing – The Guardian (Opens in new window)


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