July 22, 2015

Award in MI


Once you’re a Member you can undertake the ‘MI in London Award in Motivational Interviewing’. The first step is to receive an attendance award.

There are three MI in London Attendance Awards

10 hours of Attendance – You have attended 8 MI in London sessions

25 hours of Attendance – You have attended 20 MI in London sessions

50 hours of Attendance – You have attended 40 MI in London sessions

Will I receive a Certificate?

As a member you will receive a certificate free of charge for completing each of the above amounts of attendance.

How do I get the MI in London Award?

Once you have received your 25 hour certificate (and you feel ready to do so) you can submit a recording with a patient, client, colleague or friend. This will be ‘coded’ using Motivational Interviewing Treatment Integrity (MITI).

For a fuller explanation of the coding or for more information on the submission process please speak your MI in London session leader.

Once this has been coded and you have passed to a high level of MI proficiency you will be presented with the MI in London Award.

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